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My Hot Oil Treatment

Now a big part of retaining the length and health of my hair is keeping it well moisturized. Before (and after) each protective style, I like to give myself a nice hot oil and/or deep conditioning treatment. I lucked up and found some of my favorite essential oils at a great price and I jumped on the deal. I paid about $1.25 for each tube and I saw them for $3.29 at beauty supply store in my neighborhood. Can you say STEAL! Anyhow, I got every one they had to offer and some.

The Solution: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Argon Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cocoa butter Oil.

The Process: Lightly wet hair, Saturate in The Solution, Cover in Gold shower cap, Blow dry on Low/Medium Setting for about 10-15 mins, Let sit for 45 mins.

After: Wash and Style as usual


MY INSPIRATION: Watch “How I Grew My Natural Hair | Length Retention – SimplYounique” on YouTube

SimplyUnique1 single handedly inspired me to embrace  & big chop my thin & destroyed hair ! Over the last 8 months she’s helped me with my confidence & encouraged me to take that step as a black woman & I may never be able to repay her but I’d love to say THANK YOU!

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