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Stand to your feet & put your hands together because, the DIVAS have offically arrived!!!

UC Berkeley Alumniimage
“Seeing Older Black women with locks give me strength because their persona is one of many powerful representations of Black people”

I have been natural since 2008 which makes 5 years now in 2013. My decision was due to research of African Americans and status as a Black student at UC Berkeley. After learning the history of the racial undertones that prompted Black women to straighten their hair, it made me think twice about promoting the idea. Since it was already short (though processed) I cut all the perm out and decided to proceed naturally.

I currently have locs, in which the texture has changed in the locking process. I have been growing for three years now, and they lay on my shoulders. My daily routine doesn’t consist of much but wrapping my hair with a head scarf. I personally like the low maintenance, thus styling is not done often. The product that I use the most is Shea butter, it has done me well.

Seeing Older Black women with locs give me strength because their persona is one of many powerful representations of Black people. My choice of hairstyle is “however it falls”, although sometimes Bantu knots surface. Long term plans are still undecided, but for now I embrace the growth and change. What I have come to love most about wearing natural hair is the Natural Beauty, money that I save in hair care, thus the the time.

I love the process of natural hair that I have experienced with myself and others. At times it made me stand out in ways that made me uncomfortable, but it has made me who I am and love it more. One word of advice: Tune into how your natural hair makes you happy, how it makes you beautiful, and more in tune with your body in different ways. It is a nice experience.


“PSA | ♥ My Natural Hair Is Beautiful ♥” on YouTube


Can The Homies Get Sum ?????

Ain’t No Fun Otherwise Right!


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(I claim no rights to the above photo)

First: Thank You to each and every person near or far who has been to this page. Whether I invited you or you just happend to stumble upon this little piece of Dary, I’m glad you came!! Please have a seat, enjoy the view, bring some friends & most importantly Be Inspired!!

Speaking of friends , I have invited a few of my “bonita amigas” to help me inspire the masses!!

** rolling out red carpets , stocking dressing room mini bar , calling paparazzi , shirtless beefy waiters , bubbly on ice**

The Divas Are Coming!!

A Moment for Hair Glory!!!!

That moment when your searching Youtube for you next protective style idea & BAM! You seen it , saw it , wanted it , needed it , just had to have IT!

You hit the beauty supply store with the “eye of the tiger”. Hair bands check , bobby pins check , EcoStyler, lashes , lipstick: check check & check etc.

You rush home , run the bathroom (loot in hand)! You proceed to GO. TO. WORK. and ………..

S U C C E S S!!!

(left , right & front)

faux twisted bun


Not only did you do it, you did it damn good!