Reflection: 10 Days In :)

Hey , im back !! 😉 Today is Feb.13.2012 which marks 10 days since I BC’d. 1st week down & im am having a “Wicked Love Affair” with my little ‘fro lol.


Let me say that wearing your natural hair is like a badge of honor & you’d be surprise at who takes notice. For example : I live in the “hood” & I mean HOOD : dope boys/ dope fiends , prissy/ratchet girls & almost every female has a Brazilian/Remy 18-26inch weave or something like it. So imagine the horror of walkin out your door without your weave hair done up , rocking what appears to be a afro in 2013 & theres 30+ people outside looking at you crazy saying “OMG WHAT DID YU DO TO YOUR HAIR!” I put on my best face & a smile & told each one who asked why I cut it (thinning , damage) and to my surprise, I WASN’T shunned , laughed at or gawked , ever persons opinion sounded like music to my ears “looks good on yu Dary , OMG I didnt know your hair was so curly , its so soft , what did yu put in it , is it texturized , its gone be sooo long & grow so quick , its so thick & healthy looking etc” & my favorite from guys “its still long enough to be pulled!” I could go on but yu get it. I was shocked to say the least that my hair was not an ill topic , I was greeted with such awe & respect with my decision to BC.


Im glad I did it & although I will be braiding it soon (for work) im so proud of myself , proud of my strength as a black woman & individuality as a young woman. Im glad I was able to embrace myself as myself , no bells no whistles.

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One thought on “Reflection: 10 Days In :)

  1. I am so impressed… But first of all who am I to be impressed!!!! Anyways I don’t doubt anyone’s talents or gifts, however who knew that create blogs etc…. And u right well too… U right with clarity and substance…. Iike it….. Oh yeah i prolly didn’t get a chance to tell u I like the short hairs look….. Maybe because my wife has the e due and I see it all the time!!!! But yeah is short and has color like urs and yeah I even pull it lol!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! An o, unblock me on ig

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